Operation Shield of Innocents

Operation Shield of Innocents (a.k.a. Contravim, from the Latin “against violence”) is focused on reducing exposure to massive loss of life due to guns, by pursuing the following:

  • Development of technology that neutralizes the power (=damage) of firearms
  • Developments of technology that maximizes the protection of exposed lives
  • Promotion of policy that reduces the availability of fire-arms to the general public
  • Promotion of policy that increases the awareness of risk exposure due to fire-arms

Contravim is a non-profit organization that brings together individuals who can contribute to its pursuits. What Contravim is not:

  • A politically-affiliated group that plans to push an existing or new political agenda, whether in support or against the 2nd Amendement of the US Constitution
  • A commercial enterprise serving any particular or investor whether public or private
  • A religious group or other association serving a particular or undefined god or gods

We will measure our success based on the level of impact of occurrences of (threats of) mass killings by firearms worldwide. Help protect the innocents: join Contravim today.

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